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Find the vendor to meet your global payroll needs.


(855) 553-0591

Serving over 920,000 clients in 140 countries, ADP has the experience and scale to customize solutions for businesses of all sizes across all industries. Designing better ways to work through cutting-edge products, premium services and exceptional experiences. HR, Talent, Time, Benefits and Payroll.


Alight Solutions
(866) 553-2582

At Alight, we harmonize your global payroll to a single experience for increased accuracy and compliance, all through a centrally managed payroll system available in 188 countries. Averaging 99.6% in payroll accuracy, together we deliver payroll with ease.

Blue Marble Global Payroll
Blue Marble Global Payroll
(866) 278-8677

Blue Marble provides cloud-based global payroll in 150+ countries, with aggregated monthly reporting across all countries and currencies, global consulting services, and a unique hybrid service model with a US-based team and direct access to in-country experts.


+1 (800) 729-7655

Ceridian is a global human capital management (HCM) software company. Dayforce, our flagship cloud HCM platform, provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management functionality. Ceridian. Intelligence at work.

Ernst & Young LLP

Ernst & Young LLP
+1 (416) 559 1704

EY provides managed payroll operate services in 161 countries transforming global payroll functions and creating distinctive employee experiences via 100% EY teams. Our methodology and next-gen platform provide predictive insights and regulatory compliance eliminating the need for multiple vendors.


Humanic Global Solutions
+1 (210) 787-3746

Humanic offers a complete global payroll solution built on top of an enterprise-level US payroll system. Our holistic approach to global payroll ensures your payroll remains compliant, with comprehensive reporting and exclusive automation features all under a single service and software platform.


+1 (844) 327-5435

iiPay is an award-winning global payroll provider, and a certified Workday partner focused on Service Excellence and Technical Innovation, driven by cutting-edge cloud-based technology. iiPay works collaboratively and passionately with its clients to solve complex international payroll and global reporting issues.


(212) 239-2625

Processing payroll in 150+ countries, Immedis is the leader in consolidated payroll solutions, providing a unified view of global payroll, real-time data analytics, and advanced reporting. Compliance and data security, as well as integration capability with HCM and finance providers, is guaranteed.


(781) 875-8385

Award winning single source for payroll in Ireland, N. Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. Trusted by clients, including the Big 4. Our powerful proprietary technology ensures compliance and delivers the actionable insights you want. Run in-house or outsource. ISO27001 accredited. Workday partner.


(212) 359-1630

IRIS FMP is a trusted partner in international payroll, benefits, payments & HR solutions for organizations expanding globally.


IRIS HR Consulting
(844) 44-31872

IRIS HR Consulting is a trusted partner in global HR services & Consultancy for organizations looking to expand globally. With our compliance, advisory, benefits, compensation, immigration, and global mobility expertise, we can become an extra member of your HR team.

Listo Global

Listo Global
(385) 831-6111

Listo makes it easy to find, hire and pay your global team in over 150 countries in an all-in-one platform. We are a full business lifecycle partner whether through global recruiting, contractor payments, Employer of Record or Global Expansion Services (entity set up, payroll, etc.)


+1 (877) 637 2267

Mercans is a market leader in payroll technology and employer of record services. Our proprietary cloud-based SaaS solution HR Blizz enables Fortune Global 500 & large MNCs to manage their payroll across 160 countries. With 20 years of business expertise and 1,000 HR specialists, Mercans deliver a full spectrum of enterprise HR tasks while ensuring compliant, secure, and effective native payroll delivery.

Neeyamo Inc
+1 (888) 9-NEEYAM

Neeyamo's proprietary global payroll solution enables its customers to effectively manage their payroll needs across 150 countries. A centralized data-model allows administration of multiple countries, currencies, languages, and processes from within a single platform. Robust reporting and auditing augments this, providing the ability to manage key data and analytics requirements.



Omnipresent enables ambitious companies to onboard and retain the best people - wherever they do their best work. By taking care of all the legal, payroll and benefits - whether through our Employer of Record, PEO or global payroll solution, we help companies expand globally.


+353 1 443 4820

Payslip is the leading Global Payroll Control platform, a single platform for the delivery & management of global payroll at multinational companies. Payslip has built powerful technology to standardize payroll data, automate workflows, integrate with HR systems and provide essential reporting- helping global businesses achieve execution excellence, see a bigger picture and scale at any dimension by choosing and managing their own local payroll providers.


+1 (415) 992 6990

Payzaar is a global payroll management solution for multinationals. Our platform overlays on top of your payroll landscape, integrating all of your local payrolls and giving you standardization, process automation, reporting, and a unified data output that Finance, HR, and Accounting will love.


Ramco Systems
+1 (609) 647-9299

Ramco systems offers AI & ML based multi-country payroll solution for 100+ countries globally with 60 countries in Ramco platform. Organizations can deploy our solution on cloud, on premises, or as a managed service. Our payroll product integrates easily with HCM providers such as Oracle & Workday.


Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG)
(800) 225-1561

Built from a merger that created one of the world’s largest cloud companies, UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) is a leading global provider of HCM, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions that help organizations drive better business outcomes, improve HR effectiveness, and create a more connected experience for everyone.