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Cover Reg July 22

Businesses can often leave a slew of patched and broken processes in their wake when it comes to global expansion. We see this as departments grow, business entities are established, and new vendors are brought into the system. And with all that comes growth in the HR, finance, and legal teams that manage these processes. One of the processes that often becomes impaired or overlooked in this growth is global payroll.


Event / Conference

Payroll Congress

Join thousands of your colleagues as Payroll Congress brings you world-class payroll education for professionals in U.S and global payroll, tax, finance, global mobility, human resources, and benefits. Attendees will receive crucial payroll updates as well as priceless answers to payroll challenges.


COVID-19 Updates

As employers respond to the global spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), payroll professionals must be prepared for questions from company executives, managers, and employees from all over the world. Review our Resources section for more information on country responses and more.

GPMI Spotlight

Professional Spotlight

Eynat Guez, Co-Founder and CEO of Papaya Global, is a leading expert in HR and payroll management with more than 20 years of experience in global workforce management.

What You Need to Know About Payroll in Nicaragua

Learn how the social security system and retirement benefits work in the Central American country, how much workers on minimum wage get paid, and how much maternity, paternity, and sick leave someone can receive.

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