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Magazine Feature

Cover Dec20
Kira Rubiano, Customer Engagement Director at Immedis and GPMI Editorial Advisory Board member, shares her personal story about the importance of working across borders in the payroll industry and how companies should make it a priority to connect and communicate with different cultures to ensure collaboration, trust, and success.

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COVID-19 Updates

As employers respond to the global spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), payroll professionals must be prepared for questions from company executives, managers, and employees from all over the world. Review our Resources section for more information on country responses and more.

GPMI Spotlight

Professional Spotlight

Katinka Sleyffers, RPP, International Payroll Manager at Nutanix, talks about the impact COVID-19 has had on her company and how the company is making the best decisions for its employees moving forward.

What You Need to Know About Payroll in Georgia

Learn about the applicable laws related to payroll in the Eurasian country, and see where the country’s income tax rate is set and how it works with employees on paid leave and childcare.

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