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Choosing a global payroll outsourcer is often harder than payroll managers expect. Not only are there different outsourcing models, but the subtle distinctions between vendors' approaches impact everything from pricing to quality of service. To help make sense of this complex picture, we look at a handful of models that are adopted by global payroll outsourcers and explain the issues that arise from these different methods.

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Payroll Congress

Join thousands of your colleagues as Payroll Congress brings you world-class payroll education for professionals in U.S and global payroll, tax, finance, global mobility, human resources, and benefits. Attendees will receive crucial payroll updates as well as priceless answers to payroll challenges.


COVID-19 Updates

As employers respond to the global spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), payroll professionals must be prepared for questions from company executives, managers, and employees from all over the world. Review our Resources section for more information on country responses and more.

GPMI Spotlight

Professional Spotlight

Anthony Katchusky, Director of Global Payroll at Auth0—Part 2, discusses the importance of hiring employees who not only have the experience to fill a position, but also fit the business, his personal approach to leadership, and his unique stress management techniques.

India’s Tier-2 Cities: What Is the Appeal for Foreign Businesses?

India’s Tier-2 cities are steadily becoming the preferred destination for businesses, both in the manufacturing and services sectors. Read about some of the advantages for foreign businesses working in prominent Tier-2 Indian cities, including Kurnool and Surat.

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