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First GPMI Chapter Officially Launches in Northern California

By Kiko Martinez

To help create opportunities for global payroll professionals to become successful leaders in their field, the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) has officially launched its first-ever GPMI chapter.

“This is another step for us as we continue to position GPMI as the world’s leader in global payroll education,” said Mary Holland, CPP, Global Director of Strategy, Development, and Training for GPMI. “We look forward to expanding GPMI’s reach across the U.S. and countries worldwide.”

The Northern California Chapter (NorCal Chapter) held its first meeting in Santa Clara in late August. The formation of the chapter is part of GPMI’s ongoing mission to increase the global payroll professional’s skill level through education, training, publications, certification, and networking opportunities.

Christine Stolpe, CPP, Senior Manager of Global Payroll for Talend, is the Founder and President of the GPMI NorCal Chapter. She said she has received overwhelming support from fellow global payroll professionals when they found out GPMI was enhancing the organization with chapters.

“To be the first ever chapter of the GPMI is pretty surreal,” Stolpe said. “The more people who reach out to me to find out how they can get involved, the more I remember that I am not alone in my quest to learn more about global payroll.”

As the leader of the NorCal Chapter, Stolpe said the focus of the group will be “education, networking, and fun—in that order.”

She hopes to continue to add to the membership, which is approximately 40 members now, and looks forward to more chapters forming in the near future.

“I am over-the-moon excited to have other chapters establish themselves all over the globe,” Stolpe said. “The bigger the GPMI gets—and the more chapters of the GPMI that we establish—the smaller the world becomes!”

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Kiko Martinez is Associate Editor of Membership Publications for the American Payroll Association and the Global Payroll Management Institute.