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Webinar Uncovers Teamwork Needed to Run a Successful Global Payroll

By Felicia DeInnocentiis

What does it really take to run a global payroll process, and how do you bridge the gap between clients and payroll service providers?

The Global Payroll Management Institute’s (GPMI) free webinar “Global Payroll Uncovered—What Every Good Service Provider Wants You to Know” answers these questions and more.

Sponsored by Immedis, a provider of multicountry payroll and employment tax solutions, this hour-long webinar presents what works, what doesn’t work, and what’s needed from both clients and payroll service providers in order to run a successful global payroll operation.

The webinar is led by speakers Amber Morris, Vice President of Commercial Development at Immedis, and Shawn Golden, Immedis’ Director of Global Payroll.

Morris and Golden started the discussion by comparing the perspectives of clients and service providers on how global payroll operates. Golden spoke on his previous experience as a client and how he thought global payroll was processed.

“One of the things that I believed was that there is just one single platform that processed payroll in every country,” Golden said. “I imagined that—from a compliance perspective—it was all up to the service provider and that from a payroll processing perspective it was just really a push of the button.”

Morris, speaking from her standpoint as a service provider, provides contrary insight.

“Payroll might not be a ‘push of a button,’ but it’s well on its way to becoming ‘touchless’ payroll,” Morris said. “What does exist are strong technology platforms that can actually consolidate and automate the global payroll process. What this allows is true global oversight for you—the client—which means you have access to far better reporting, and a single provider that’s looking after your compliance.”

During the webinar, Morris and Golden cover topics such as:

  • The payroll process—Go behind the scenes of the global payroll process and the reality of what it really takes to run your payroll
  • In-country providers (ICPs) and vendors—Learn what relationships your service provider needs to operate your global payroll process successfully
  • Compliance—Understand the complexities involved when getting your people paid all around the world
  • Partnerships and responsibilities—Learn about the unspoken duty of care required from both clients and service providers

Payroll pros can earn up to one recertification credit hour (RCH) for attending. This free webinar, now available on demand until September 17, 2020, is available on the GPMI website under “Education & Events.”

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Felicia DeInnocentiis is the Editorial Assistant for Membership Publications at the American Payroll Association (APA) and the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI).