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Global Payroll Archives


New rules for protecting personal data go into effect May 2018 that will impact every aspect of the employee-employer relationship in the European Union, including the processing of payroll.

Learn about the country’s Working Environment Act, employment contracts, and its complex holiday pay system.

Read about her thoughts on corporate global responsibilities, complexity in the payroll process, and her democratic style of leadership.

Find out why many professionals consider France one of the most complex countries to process payroll.
The Netherlands-based manager discusses emerging trends such as automated payroll tax reporting.
Read about the country’s social insurance programs, income tax rate, and more.
Make collaboration run smoothly with smart integration, processes, and transparency.
The Barcelona-based executive shares his thoughts on data privacy regulations, his technology wish list, and much more.
The Ceridian executive shares his thoughts on the importance of global payroll data and challenges the industry faces.
The leader of a diverse, multicultural workforce weighs in on the emerging trends and top challenges in global payroll.
The “Rainbow Nation” is characterized by several distinct ecosystems and a highly developed banking system that employers need to be aware of.
Learn about the tax and labor laws of this densely populated Western European country.
The levy is the Government’s response to a decreasing number of employers committing to quality training through apprenticeship programmes.
The 418 Rule is one of the more complex employee protections, so utilize good planning and technology to remain in compliance.
The Budget Report of 2016, at 148 pages and accompanied by a hefty entourage of technical notes, consultation responses, and policy costings, will guide the U.K. payroll workload in the coming months.
Compliance at its most basic level can be broken down and viewed across three risk dimensions: business activities, jurisdictions, and rules.
This Global Payroll Operations Vice President explains why she will never compromise on compliance and shares her views on leadership, team-building, and much more.
Identify key challenges the payroll team faces when implementing a global payroll and suggest mitigating actions your company can employ to convert these challenges into opportunities for payroll professionals.
A technological solution provides two key elements around Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliance: ongoing monitoring and documenting your compliance efforts so they can be presented when a regulator comes knocking.