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Immigration Items to Consider While Traveling Abroad For Work

By Mark Chong

1496562449_fg97uhvlczThere have been a number of prominent media stories involving immigration in recent months, such as those involving Brexit, a potential wall on the U.S.- Mexico border, and the recent U.S. travel ban. While these stories are certainly newsworthy, it’s important to remember that stringent checks on travelers by border control staff in virtually all countries are nothing new. Given this and changing immigration laws and enforcement practices, travelers should be prepared to face relentless questioning when making a trip to the United States or any other country.

The full version of this article outlines some items business travelers and workers going on expat assignments should consider before traveling to another country. Use it to minimize your travel risks in today’s increasingly strict immigration environment.

Provide Relevant Evidence Supporting Your Business Travel

Authorities often want to see information relevant to the people you are visiting, including their places of employment and how your visit relates to them. Supporting information may include business cards, email correspondence, and support letters from the home location, as well as an invitation letter from the host entity. A detailed agenda will often help convince authorities that your visit is primarily for business purposes.

Showing return tickets and hotel reservations also will help assure authorities of your intention to leave the host country promptly after your business is completed. That said, a few travel maps showing places of interest and expressing intentions to visit these locations can also help lighten conversations with the border officers, as it is normal for business travelers to seek some touristy fun after business is done.

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