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Publisher’s Note

Highlights of the content provided in this issue of Global Payroll magazine


1450773948_50673I suspect that Sherlock Holmes would have fit in well in the world of global payroll. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle once had his famous detective character musing on the definition of genius as an infinite capacity for taking pains. “It’s a very bad definition,” Holmes said, “but it does apply to detective work.”

It also applies to compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Taking pains now can save a lot of trouble later on. Enforcement authorities will focus on three questions: What did you do to prevent it? What did you do to detect it? What did you do when you found out about it? Turn to page 8 to learn how monitoring and documenting your company’s actions through the aid of technology will go a long way toward safeguarding your organization, and why payroll departments are a key link in the process.

Technology is crucial not only for FCPA compliance but in many other ways, of course. A global payroll leader must also have command of excellent communication skills. On page 11, see what it takes to communicate a complex idea and to become a bridge that spans a cultural gap.

Also in this issue, read the conclusion of the three-part series, “Take Charge With a Global Payroll Control Framework” on page 18, and this month’s Global Payroll Insights on page 44 explains why variety is a good thing in blueberry muffins but not so good when it comes to payroll delivery.

Happy New Year to all, 

Dan Maddux
Executive Director
Global Payroll Management Institute, Inc.