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Publisher’s Note

Highlights of the content provided in this issue of Global Payroll magazine.

Dan MadduxKnowing the ins and outs of various countries’ rules and regulations makes global payroll a daunting task. Add to that the challenge of working with people from around the world who bring their own cultural experiences and expectations to the table, and the complications multiply.

That’s why each month Global Payroll brings you something extra to go along with expert information from worldwide industry authorities. We also tap into the experience and wisdom of business leaders who know what it means to span the cultural divide. 

In this issue, Janelle Barlow, Ph.D., imparts her usual sage advice in her column Worldly Wise, this time exploring the traits of her own Germanic culture. In addition, “The Inclusionist,” Simma Lieberman, further explains the concept of cultural intelligence and offers six excellent pointers on how to develop it.

As we reach the one-year anniversary of Global Payroll, two friends of the Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) who provided articles for our earliest editions are back to share more of their knowledge. John Galvin, MA, ACA, explains how to turn global payroll challenges into opportunities for payroll professionals, and Workday’s Laurent Botella has more on a vendor’s perspective on trends in global payroll.

More U.S. companies are sending employees to work abroad, so at what point should payroll become involved? For two BDO USA experts, the answer is every step of the way, from pre-assignment planning to repatriation and beyond.  

Pleasant journeys,

Dan Maddux
Executive Director
Global Payroll Management Institute, Inc.