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GPMI Education

Forum Addresses Needs of Global Payroll Professionals

By Frank J. Mendelson

1472631346_87757The Global Payroll Management Institute (GPMI) put international payroll in the spotlight with a Global Payroll Managment Forum during the American Payroll Assocation’s 34th Annual Congress, which took place in May in Nashville, Tennessee.

The forum provided progressive global payroll education and enhanced networking opportunities for professionals in payroll, accounts payable, finance, HR, and benefits from all over the world. Workshops included information on a number of different countries, including Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and the U.K.

“We are addressing the needs of global payroll professionals, magnified by an increasing number of regulatory changes in both countries and localities around the world,” said Dan Maddux, Executive Director of GPMI and APA.

Mary Brumm, CPP, APA’s 2016 Payroll Woman of the Year and Director of Global Payroll Training and Development for GPMI, welcomed an enthusiastic crowd of payroll professionals and global vendors by acknowledging the growth of the field and sharing the vision of GPMI.

“GPMI provides global payroll leaders with resources and educational sessions required to become successful leaders and strategic partners within their organizations,” she said.

During the forum, GPMI vendors and visitors found value in the “Global Payroll Pavilion,” which provided an area for global payroll professionals to have productive discussions, participate in product demonstrations, and network with various experts on country-specific compliance issues, technology, and overall strategy.

“The APA, through GPMI, stepped up to the challenge of delivering global curriculums to meet payroll professionals’ needs,” said Michele Honomichl, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Celergo. “It is exciting to see them provide learning opportunities across multiple venues, including traditional conferences, webinars, and seminars through GPMI.”

Doug Wolf, GPMI’s Director of Vendor Relations, said he was encouraged to see more payroll professionals looking for opportunities to learn and build relationships with vendors.

“GPMI served our constituents by showcasing the best of the best from the global payroll industry,” he said.

Tim Calnan, Solutions Consultant with SafeGuard World International, added that GPMI provided a direct link with clients, enabling vendors to speak specifically about what they can do to address clients’ needs.


“The trends used to be regional, but not so much anymore,” he said. “We are seeing clients with a much larger country base. That’s why this venue is well worth it. I hope to see it again next year.”