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GPMI Director Spreads Institute’s Message at India Conference

By Kerry Cole

No matter where you are in the world, global payroll professionals face the same challenges in ensuring compliance with employment and tax laws while paying employees on time.

That was the primary takeaway for Mary Brumm Holland, CPP, Global Payroll Management Institute’s (GPMI) Director of Global Payroll Training and Development, when she traveled to Goa, India, in February to participate in the international conference “A Rendezvous With Neeyamo.”

Her presence allowed GPMI to showcase its educational expertise in the realm of global payroll.

“This was GPMI’s first international event, and it was important to get information about GPMI out to others,” she said. “Meeting in person helps to promote GPMI and to understand the culture and challenges others face across the globe.”

The event further helped GPMI continue to expand its mission of building a community of global payroll professionals to network and discuss global payroll challenges as they open operations and pay employees across the world.  

“GPMI provides global payroll professionals with the education to be successful leaders in their organizations,” she said. “One of the benefits GPMI offers is the global magazine, Global Payroll, which the attendees viewed as a valuable resource.”

She provided insights as a featured guest of a presentation called “HR Leaders in Conversation With Neeyamo.” During “In Conversation With Mary Brumm,” she spoke on the topic, “Compliance and Culture as Integral Components of Any Organization’s Global Payroll Strategy.”

Issues she addressed included:

  • How HR and payroll compliance are changing worldwide amid new employment and immigration laws
  • Key considerations in managing global payroll compliance
  • How cultural differences impact or influence the delivery of global payroll
  • How global payroll delivery can be an instrument to transplant corporate culture globally
  • Data security and privacy requirements worldwide
  • Commonalities and differences in compliance and culture worldwide
Brumm Holland also participated in a panel discussion, “Demystifying Global Payroll.” She and other global payroll leaders from across the world discussed topics such as overcoming cultural differences, key drivers influencing global payroll’s growth, which model will be the future of global payroll, and what issues keep them awake at night.

At the conference, Brumm Holland explained that GPMI: 

  • Is the world’s leading community of payroll leaders, practitioners, researchers, and technology experts
  • Provides world-class resources to ensure the competency, compliance, and confidence of payroll professionals operating globally
  • Connects subscribers through networking discussions, collaborative opportunities, and access to educational programs and publications dedicated to global payroll strategies, knowledge, research, employment, and training
  • Publishes several global payroll texts, Global Payroll e-magazine, and white papers addressing global payroll concepts, processes, laws, and regulations, many with a country-by-country focus 
  • Maintains a vision to help global payroll professionals become successful leaders and strategic partners within their organizations
“Traveling to India was a fascinating experience professionally and personally,” Brumm Holland said, “and it was great to see that GPMI has established its place in the global payroll community.”