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Publisher's Note

Highlights of the content provided in this issue of Global Payroll magazine.

PublisherNote_1459461812_45853When we watch a movie in 3D, objects seem to float just above our heads, seemingly so close that we can reach out and touch them. A 3D video game makes the player feel like a part of the action. With the relatively new technology of 3D printing, a solid, three-dimensional object can be printed from a digital file, presenting mind-boggling possibilities for the future of architecture, engineering, and health care.

If only 3D could help with global payroll compliance. Ceridian’s Aaron Hurst says it can. In Part I of “Understanding HCM Global Compliance in 3D,” the Vice President of Global Solutions presents his own take on 3D in human capital management—the risk dimensions of business activities, jurisdictions, and rules.

In last issue’s Part I of the “Mergers and Acquisitions Story,” Michele Honomichl explained the need to determine whether your company acquired assets or equity. In this issue’s Part II, she reveals that a good transition plan and effective communication are keys to a successful first payroll after a transaction takes place.

Moving to another country is difficult not only on an employee, but on the payroll department as well. Gain an understanding of why lump-sum relocation packages aren’t always the best approach and what other options are available.

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Dan Maddux
Executive Director
Global Payroll Management Institute, Inc.