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Simplified Global Payroll Really Does Exist

By Blue Marble

If you have global employees, you know that managing payroll in multiple countries is complicated—different systems, laws, and languages, lack of reporting, and constantly changing laws and regulations each year. Most employers try to manage global payroll via email with Excel spreadsheets, leading to confusion, data security issues, and fines and penalties for noncompliance—yikes!

Blue Marble solved the challenges of global payroll by creating a proprietary cloud-based technology with aggregated reporting. Then they added a hybrid service model to give you dedicated customer service AND access to in-country providers in each country. Check out this video.

One other headache of global operations—setting up new business entities to get payroll going quickly. Blue Marble has a team of global consultants to help with entity set-up, expat services, tax and accounting services, global HR, and time and attendance solutions. Operations and compliance challenges shouldn’t stop you from global expansion and growth. Blue Marble simplifies global payroll with integrated technology, aggregated reporting, and a hybrid service model to ensure success in more than 135 countries around the world. Click here for an interactive map.

The Blue Marble team likes to have fun and meet people from around the world. You can find them at trade shows throughout the year, including HR Tech coming up in Las Vegas in early October. Follow them on Twitter for news, information, and fun global facts: @bluemarblepay.

If you are considering expansion, or looking to simplify your global operations, check out Blue Marble. Their innovative and customer-driven approach to global payroll is changing the industry and helping businesses expand all over the world.