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7-9 November, 2018
MEET Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

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Program Overview

This conference presents next-generation training through three transformational certificate programs. Choose from one of the three to develop a fresh perspective to lead people in an increasingly dynamic world.

  1. Managing Global Payroll Operations
  2. Implementing Strategic Payroll Practices
  3. Leadership and Mentorship in Payroll

Session Descriptions and Objectives

Managing Global Payroll Operations
Explore how people, processes, and technology interconnect as you lead a global payroll operation delivering timely payments and ensuring taxation and other compliance requirements are met. This certificate program will take a deep dive into your company's payroll delivery model, the role of the governance committee, vendor management, data privacy, and providing sustainable business processes. In-depth discussions around critical elements such as understanding different cultures, diversity and inclusion, and talent development will take place to ensure you can build a team to meet current and future needs for your organization. This program will give you the tools and skills to establish business partnerships and to be viewed as a dynamic, strategic leader.

Course Objectives
The course is designed to meet the needs of payroll professionals managing payroll operations in one country or 20 or more countries by:

  • Providing solid business strategies to lead a world-class payroll operation
  • Discussing the importance of culture, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and leading remote global teams
  • Acquiring the tools needed to create a robust compliance and control model
  • Identifying continuous process improvements, business strategies, and how to best manage vendor relationships
Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
Implementing Strategic Payroll Practices Implementing Strategic Payroll Practices helps those eager to run an efficient payroll department and measure its efficacy. This course teaches payroll professionals, managers, and directors how to develop the right employees, understand the cost of payroll and implement cost-reduction processes, and correctly tax and report items of executive compensation. In addition, the course will cover technology selection, creating, updating, and testing business continuity plans, and trends in payroll practices and technology.

Course Objectives
This course will help you identify payroll practice trends and how to implement them into you organization by:

  • Managing IRS and SSA notices and audits
  • Developing a payroll department's vision and mission statements
  • Ensuring proper taxation and reporting of executive compensation
  • Understanding trends in payroll practice and technology
Field of Study: Business Management and Organization
Leadership and Mentorship in Payroll
As constant changes in technology and compliance present themselves, it's crucial for professionals to adapt to the shifting demands of successful leadership. The world in which we live and work is not static; neither should today's leaders be. The Leadership and Mentorship Certificate Program, offered by APA, understands the dynamic world that leaders face daily and seeks to promote professional and personal growth. This program highlights the myriad qualities of decisive leadership, including effective communication and prudent decision making. This program arms you with the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to face challenges, inspire others, and deliver remarkable results.

Course Objectives
Upon completion of the course, you'll have the required skills to lead teams through today's ever-changing environment, including:

  • Communicating your vision and aligning it with the organizational strategy
  • Seeking self-awareness and understanding the impact of emotional intelligence
  • Building relationships and successfully interacting with multiple generations
  • Adapting to and managing change in an ever-changing climate
Field of Study: Personal Development

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